Feel at home.

New Life Family Church

Reload. Recalibrate. Reemerge. Reengage.

New Life Family! 

I have missed you all very much, and I am looking forward to seeing you again. For seven years, nearly every Sunday, I have driven the roads that lead to New Life Family Church, so I understand the longing to return to our church home, and a bit of normalcy. These strange days and hard times will only get stranger and harder. The return to normalcy points toward one thing: A return to a new normal. 

I am writing to explain, as best I can, what this exciting new normal for New Life Family Church will look like. 

For this purpose, I have studied the Word drawing from the stories of those courageous men and women who built the church from obscurity. I have had several meetings and conversations with our team, participated in meetings with area pastors, observed and analyzed what churches are doing across the country, and the world, all to try and identify how, where, and when to move next. And… I have prayed. A lot. 

Whether or not we believe in the severity of the pandemic or agree on the seriousness of our response directly to it, there is one thing that is certain: We are living with a post-pandemic reality in a post-pandemic world. “But take heart, because [Jesus has] overcome the world.” 

Armed with the information, data, and planning that we have done already, and adapting to the enormous amount of information that continues to come in, we have begun to develop an outline to reload, recalibrate, reemerge, and reengage. In other words, we are getting back together soon, and when we do, we will be ready. 

As you can imagine, things will be a little different, and we are excited to share the major changes with you. We will basically have the same style of service, but with a different dynamic. 

  • For starters, our service will be held outdoors! We have the most beautiful church property in Marion County. It is a beautiful gift from God and we are going to take advantage of it.

  • We are no longer meeting at 10:30 AM. The new Church Service time has moved to 9 AM to accommodate the heat and give our families more consolidated time together for fellowship on Sundays. 

  • We will provide plenty of seating in a congregational setting while being mindful of our need for social distancing. We will have ushers to help us manage seating. 

  • We will display highly visible screens to follow along with worship music. 

  • Children will attend regular church thereby having families attend as families. Hence the name, New Life Family Church! 

  • We will have plenty of hand sanitizer and appropriate space and our equipment will be disinfected, but feel free to wear your mask! 

  • We are tentatively forecasting our relaunch for May 24th. I was hesitant to provide an actual date because my priority is the safety of our New Life Family. We are carefully watching the pandemic and its response to society’s increasing interaction after reopening. 

We are facing strange times. As we look to the stories of those courageous men and women who built the church from obscurity, we should find comfort in their successes. God was with them, and He is with us now. 

We are soldiers of Christ Jesus and in order to accomplish this mission, we need all hands on deck.  

Every bit of participation can prove to be critical as we enter this new era. The health and safety of our church is a top priority and we need you. We will have many opportunities for you to help us serve our church family, and we want to do our best to give you the tools to be successful. 

Get ready, because it’s time to reload, recalibrate, reemerge, and reengage! 

I love you all, and I look forward to seeing you soon! 

In Christ,  

Pastor Ben